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Une gamme de portefeuilles innovant fabriqué au Pays-Bas

It is a Dutch couple who decided to create the brand of Wallet and card holder, Secrid. The origin of the creation came with the arrival of the payment cards RFID. These cards provide the flexibility of payment by allowing to pay for its purchases without contact, but they open the door to a new type of fraud. It becomes easy to steal the information contained on the cards. Or the idea of putting the door cards which ensure at the same time protecting against the volume

The door card Secrid is designed as a Faraday cage, its Aluminium structure ensures protection of the card thus preventing any attempt of data theft. The box can accommodate 5 to 6 cards that are well protected. A small trigger complete the device for the easily extracted with a simple gesture.

Secrid also offers a version portfolio, or the card holder is integrated into a portfolio in leather, which may contain in addition to 4 other cards as well as a slot for tickets. There is also an XL version that contains two enclosures that can accommodate up to 16 cards.

This portfolio is both practical and compact. It quickly becomes an indispensable accessory to replace the wallets classics. Trying it is adopting it ! It is available in 3 versions, a model Slimwallet without button, this is the model with the most compact. A model with a button to keep the sales receipts, it is the Miniwallet. It is slightly thicker than the Slimwallet and will be more suited to people that put their wallet in a bag or a jacket. Finally the last model is the Twinwallet which is composed of 2 boxes. All these models come under different colours and aspects. (Classic leather, vintage leather, imitation Crocodile leather, recycled leather, etc.). You will find models male and models female.

The door card and the wallet are all made in the netherlands in the workshops of Secrid. This integrated process allows them to ensure the quality of the leathers offered, the quality of the finish and the life of the product. The mechanism is guaranteed for 2 years. The portfolio Secrid will follow you for many years without fail or bankrupt..

A particular care is brought to the leather used and the treatment of it. Depending on the model leather get patina or, on the contrary, will retain its original appearance. The real problem that the wallet Secrid you will, will be in the choose the model that pleases you the most.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items