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Housse de portable et ipad

It is in 2008 that they have embarked on this crazy adventure. Their credo was to create products that are chic and fun and have them manufactured in Spain. Their choice wins quickly the membership of the press and customers.

Woof and now offers covers for tablets and PCS that are available in dozens of colors which are today their success. They make covers in fabrics of fine quality, the covers are padded with a protection in Neoprene to protect the iPad and the MacBookPro shock. The patterns are floral, animal and minérals and follow the trends. In 2016 the range Marble and tropical has known a great success in 2017 it is supplemented by the range of the Terrazzo. Models Jungle and Tropical are always of great success, without forget the Pineapple or the Palm tree. In short you will understand the range Woouf is well furnished.

Has side covers, Woof offers a beautiful range of kits from different formats using patterns that have made their success. In 2017, a whole new range, the kits of toilet facilities and make-up complete this collection is already very large.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items