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The brand Jellycat was established in 1999 in London, it is today a reference in the small world of stuffed animals. They provide the care in the impeccable quality of their products.

Blankies and stuffed animals Jellycat are original and varied, you will be charmed by the Rabbits, Foxes, and elephants, but also by ostriches multicoloured or their new range of mammoth. Humor English spring of all their production and we are diving into a world of everything soft, tender and playful.
One of the originalities of Jellycat is in the structure of the fabrics used, which provides this cutting-edge the particular brand.
In hopono we love all the stuffed animals from Jellycat, and it is difficult to say which we prefer.
My daughter is a fan of the white unicorn and pink, for my son will be Cordy Roy the Next.

A gift of birth, or simply for the pleasure of offering, with the Jellycat, mouse 2 times. The first time when you buy it and the second in front of the eyes are full of the joy of the children.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items