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Dopper is a manufacturer Dutch water bottle BPA free plastic. This company is part of the observation we created too much waste with our plastic bottles and that it was necessary to find a solution to reduce this pollution.

The solution is a small bottle, very thin and very light, capable of containing 450 ml of water or other drink type. The Dopper is guaranteed to be BPA-free and is designed and manufactured in the netherlands.

More than just a product it is a true philosophy that offers Dopper, because beside of its sale of the bottle, they have developed a foundation whose objective is to bring water to the world to support the most vulnerable populations.

Buying a Dopper, it is 5% of the sales price goes to the foundation Dopper to support this goal.

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  • 12,50 € In Stock

    The Dopper is a White water bottle BPA free plastic. It is very lightweight and waterproof and allow you to transport your drinks easily. But it is much more than that, it is also a new philosophy of consumption without waste or waste.

    12,50 €
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  • 24,50 € In Stock

    the water bottle Dopper Steel 800 ml is a nice alternative to hear the great walks. Its stainless steel structure is very light and durable. It is easily transportable and its light weight makes it pleasant to use.

    24,50 €
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  • 19,50 € In Stock

    The gourd, Steel Dopper is an alternative to the water bottle classic Dopper. Its material is very lightweight and easy to carry. It is also lighter than the classic model in plastic.

    19,50 €
    In Stock
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