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  • Watches

    Hopono offers you the new range of shows the manufacturer's Belgian Komono. These watches are original and of high quality. Their style will adapt to your. Everyone will find a watch to put his fist. Man or woman, the range Komono offers designer watches for all.

  • Glasses
  • Bags and Wallets

    What could be more unpleasant than to hurt the hands with the shopping bags to supermarkets? Hopono has the solution and offers you a wide choice of shopping bags and shopping bag for you to simplify the shopping ! Our shopping bags of the well known brands are robust and practical sessions for shopping with ease. Below you will find our selection of shopping bags, and shopping bag among the items of the brand Reisenthel.

    Hopono offers you a wide range of wallets and purses large quality. You will discover Mywalit, the renowned manufacturer Italian, recognized for the quality of these products and the originality of the colours. The Dutch Secrid present in hopono its range of safety portfolio. The only portfolio ensuring the protection of your RFID cards against the theft of data. Of an aspect more mode, we have also selected the range of Orla Kiely Etc.

  • Jewelry

    Click here to see the different creative jewelry that hopono offers. Our selection will take you to travel across Europe and the Middle East.

  • Umbrellas

    Large selection of umbrellas of high quality from leading brands, you will find the famous umbrellas bell of the Queen of England, the famous umbrellas storms, as well as a range of umbrellas dedicated to the children. Choose among our categories of umbrellas, form or utility that you are looking for. Our range of umbrellas is going to the more convenient with our umbrellas storm to the most original such as umbrellas transparent. Finally, the children are not left out with our umbrellas adapted to their size and decorated with characters.

    Let yourself be seduced by our range of umbrella Birdcage, models with stylish design that will not leave passers-by indifferent. Take a look "so British" with an umbrella Birdcage, umbrella original official of the Queen of England. You'll also be better protected against the rain thanks to its web of great length, which also confers increased resistance in case of high winds.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items