L'écologie est dans l'ADN d'hopono. En 2011 nous avons été parmi les premiers magasins grand public à ne proposer que des boîtes à lunch (lunchbox) sans BPA, Phtalates et Parabènes. Aujourd'hui notre gamme bio c'est étendue et ce sont des centaines de produits sains pour l'homme ou pour l'environnement que nous proposons sur

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  • Home

    Make your home more healthy is not always easy. hopono you here offers product lines that we have been selected for their ecological qualities and their potential to clean up your interior. Carpet, lighting, kitchen utensils, carafes and water bottles, lunchbox and bento, here's a sample of what we offer in this category

  • Beauty, Hygiene and...

    Mens Sane in a Corpore Sano told the Romans (a Spirit healthy in a Healthy body). A beautiful range of the product is safe or environmentally friendly will allow you to take care of yourself while respecting the environment and the planet.

  • Mode

    We don't think about often enough, but one of the sources of the pollution of our bodies, and the environment comes from our clothing and accessories. We have selected a range of producer, sensitive to these environmental problems, which only work with organic textiles guaranteed without pesticides.

  • Ecological approach

    Here we return all products that fit into steps special ecological. You will find products for the Vegan, the supporters of the Zero Waste, people preferring to consume local products, and the followers of the DIY (Do It Yourself - Do it Yourself).

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items