Ecological approach

Here we return all products that fit into steps special ecological. You will find products for the Vegan, the supporters of the Zero Waste, people preferring to consume local products, and the followers of the DIY (Do It Yourself - Do it Yourself).

Ecological approach There are 15 products.


  • Vegan

    Hopono offers all the products that are compatible with a Vegan. Our products are guaranteed without testing on animals and without animal use in the manufacture

  • DIY - Do It Yourself

    The DIY is more and more popular. There are actually a lot of thing that you can do yourself. The interesting part is that it is often less expensive, and we know what's in there. This can avoid a lot of disappointments.

  • Local

    One of the true environmentally-friendly solution is to purchase what is produced locally. This allows it to support the production and local jobs, and this allows you to limit the environmental impacts related to transport.

  • Zero Waste

    To limit its impact on the environment one of the best solution is still to limit the waste that is produced. It is in this approach that has created the movement for Zero Waste, which develops in our cities. In hopono, we have a selection of articles that will allow you to go in the direction of Zero Waste.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items