Hopono Shop, the shop design for a concept of decoration original and on-trend style


Hopono is the site of sale in line with the concept of decoration original and accessories of all kinds that will give your image and your interior a trendy style inimitable.


We select on our site, all of the objects that we like and make us want for you to propose it to the price is absolutely reasonable. We work with many brands of design. For a concept of deco original for your home, trust the site Hopono. Our sole ambition and to bring together on a single site, objects, decor-very varied with one thing in common : modernity.


Opt for a concept of decoration original for your home


The site Hopono offers a wide range of products from deco original for furnishing your interior or you equip it in household products. Many of our partner brands, all have as a common point of entry in a-line design.


Check out all the decoration objects and design of the brand Orla Kiely. Dishes, flower pots or mugs in a multitude of colors are available. Enjoy the famous cushion design , Orla Kiely , who will give a special touch to your interior.


Brand black + blum has released a range of jugs, and boxes design, preserving food type lunchbox.


Deco original and fashion accessories


Hopono has selected for you fashion accessories - deco original. Check out our range of jewelry, trends with bracelets men, earrings, necklaces, glasses and watches. Check out the eyewear brand Komono. This product is chic and trendy will give you the style this summer.


We have selected a few brands of watches identities very like original watches Cluse, Nixon and Komono.

Finally, we offer bags and kits of toilet trends trip or simply to get out. This range bag will allow you to add a touch of fantasy to your look.


Objects deco original for children


Any part of the website is dedicated to articles deco original for the children. For example, we are ahead of the creators of backpacks and pouches in multiple models named SKIP, HOP and COQ EN PATE.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products deco.