Check out the watches Cluse, between elegance and sobriety

Check out the new brand of watches that is slowly noticed. This is the brand of watch cluse. A very young brand with a very dynamic created in 2013. The two friends behind this success story are two Dutch, Ed Postmus and Rudyard Bekker, both of which are from the sector of watchmaking, which has decided to launch their own brands of watches, a woman with sleek lines for a design the bias which is minimalist.

Very quickly, the young brand is gaining notoriety and is made known in the world of fashion. The reason of this success depends on several key elements of the brand : a unique form and the same for all watches (allowing them to be differentiated from all other brands); a clean and sophisticated lines, a bracelet that changes fast and simple way enabling the customization of its shows.

It is a commercial success but not only, it is above all a quality product as we like you propose in Hopono, the boutique design products trends on-line.

Watches cluse, our favorite of the moment :

It is, in fact, our brand is coup de coeur " of the moment. These watches are both stylish, simple and refined and are also we, currently, the sign of a brand with strong potential. They are not only customizable, with the system able to easily switch strap depending on your outfit of the day; but they are also offered at a very reasonable price as they do not exceed 100 euros. The bangles, meanwhile, are at 30 euros, which therefore allows you to have multiple bracelets to wear in different occasions or according to your desires.

For the technical features of the watches cluse, they are similar to each product of the brand. Thus the dial (always round) of the watch is 33 mm or 38 mm in silver, gold or black. The bracelets are in leather or stainless steel, and the movement of the hands is quartz.

Our favourites among the range of watches cluse :

We currently have 49 watches cluse and we will continue to expand this collection with the future products of the brand. However, among these 49 watches, we already know the favorites of the internet :

  • The " Midnight Rose-Gold-White Pink " Cluse : Very feminine, this watch has the elegance of a great brand with the simplicity of a classic watch. Of by its strap removable, it can be customized according to your outfit.
  • The "Bohemian Full Black/Nude" Cluse : black Background on a black dial, this watch is the transverse valley is the most elegant. She has a strong personality, she is the image of the strong woman, independent and current.

So, for our watches cluse, the favorite models of the internet users. No doubt about the fact that this brand has already a beautiful day in front of it in the watch sector. Anyway, you can find a wide selection of these watches on our page and order them asap. So do not hesitate and indulge yourself.

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