Keith Brymer Jones

Do you know Keith Brymer Jones? It is a famous ceramicist in London that was discovered a few years ago. His trademark is a design that is sleek and functional. His philosophy is to produce objects that have styles, which are nice to see, and who, above all, its practical and usable in modern interior.

Mugs with messages

Mug love

Mug Love 15,95€

The collection of Mug to message from Keith Brymer Jones is the perfect breakfast, full of symbols and humor. It is also the way to make a gift for telling his loved ones that we love, or to make humorous posts to his friends.

Mugs Keith Brymer Jones is available in 2 sizes. A classical-sized 330 ml for to drink his tea or his coffee throughout the day and a size XL 500 ml for large consumers of tea.

Ceramic Ultra-bright

Mug-Mummy 15,95€

For his ceramics, he uses a porcelain-extra white, which gives a perfect finish to its products. Mugs Keith Brymer Jones adapts well to the interiors of the most modern.

Do not miss the video from Keith Brymer Jones, who in his outside iconoclast, proved himself a true showman. To see his videos, please visit this page.

You will take a cup of tea?