The coal Binchotan will allow you to purify your water in an environmentally-friendly and natural. It is a method that dates back to the Edo period in Japan. This coal was originally used for heating or for cooking, but thanks to its characteristics it has very quickly to use to purify the water of toxic substances and remove bad odors.

What is the effectiveness of charcoal Binchotan, it is the multitudes of pores that consists of is a piece of wood. These pores are real traps for chemical substances. The coal that we offer is used to purify the water, but there are also versions to purify the air or absorb the bad odors of a room.

In addition to water purification, coal Binchotan provides minerals (Iron, calcium, magnesium)

The trademark Black and Blum features a charcoal Binchotan , adapted to their water bottles Water Good and to his carafe Water carafe. Its shape allows to put in all kinds of containers.

The use of coal is of the most simple. Just put it in the bottle or the carafe, and wait for the filtration to do its effect. Most of the coal is in contact with the water, the better will be its filtration. It is considered that at the end of an hour, the filtration is already good.