Black and Blum chez hopono

The Origins of the Black and Blum

Black year Blum has been created by 2 friends in 1998, Dan Black and Martin Blum. Both passionate about design and beautiful products. Their first creations were aimed towards the desktop items and kitchen accessories. The range is quickly expanded, and today the Black and Blum offers a hundred different products.

The collection Box Appetit

In recent year they have focused on the theme of meals to take away. In this context they have created the range Box appetite which includes gourds, such as the celebrate Water Good with their charcoal filter, the box lunches as the range of lunch box and lunch pot, with a design directly inspired by the Lunch Pot indian. They offer a range of thermos for drinks and dishes to keep it warm. Ideal when you don't have an oven to warm up his lunch.

In addition to design Black and Blum is also sensitive to the health and the ecology. And all the food containers of the brand are guaranteed BPA-free to ensure a healthy material to keep its food and its drinks.

The gourds Water good, as well as the carafe, Water carafe is also provided with an activated carbon to filter the water from the tap and have a drink perfectly natural and healthy.

Each year a new supplement that offers to offer of the products corresponds to the expectation of our customers. This year the great novelty was the output of the range Water-Good version of glass. It is a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the glass to the disadvantage of being more fragile and heavier than plastic, but it is also a product that is more sustainable than you can keep a very long time without alteration.