Check out the umbrella is bell-transparent for full protection

To put you out of the weather, check out the umbrella cloche transparent to Hopono, the boutique design products trends. Combine style and comfort thanks to this accessory design and practice. It will rain during your day, while providing you with a certain originality.


Among our various products, you will discover a range for a umbrella original with many models and available at different prices. You'll have the choice between a large collection of umbrella bell transparent, but much more. In fact, we have other umbrellas, but consist of multiple different motifs. Find out more about our umbrella and recover your umbrella ideal.


Umbrellas and trends for all the pleasures !

The umbrella Sky MoMA, which will make you enjoy a blue sky on all occasions, the umbrella bell transparent silver, you will find on Hopono, is the ideal product that will surprise your friends and your family.


We offer all kinds of umbrellas, all with unique features. Here are the different categories that you can find on our website : umbrellas that are transparent and bells, umbrellas, classical umbrellas, storms, folding umbrellas, umbrellas of children, but also ponchos, and capes of rain.

You will also find many additional products in order to stay as original as possible, but also in the theme of our umbrellas. Find the mini poncho, ideal item to provide extra protection to your child and keep it safe from the cold.


Hopono : product trends for each time of the day


In Hopono, we are specialized in products design and trend. We do not have a unique range, but several categories of products for the home, the shopping, the children or the jewelry and gifts. This is a selection of the products blow to the heart of our teams.


Passionate about products trends, our teams seek to find materials still more original to delight the lovers of fashion but also of discovery. We offer indeed many innovative products, which in addition to being aesthetic, you can discover new uses for it. Take for example, the door-keys smart " orbit " that allows its users to find their keys quickly and in all circumstances.


All its products are the originality and the success of Hopono, your property dealer design.