Why use a lunch bag cooler for his lunch breaks

Today, it is estimated that approximately 25% of the employees have adopted the trend to make a lunch box for lunch. In fact, a lunch house of good quality is a recommended solution by many nutritionists. We could see it blossom in the fridges of the enterprises of small home-made dishes that feel good food " home-made ". A statement that reflects this desire to have a good breakfast, near his office with a consumption healthy and balanced.

This is why, Hopono, store design products, trends, offers you to discover the benefits of a lunch bag cooler for your lunch breaks.

We will see in a first time the relevance of opting for a cooler bag to allow you to choose the storage to be the most appropriate for your lunch !

Lunch Bag cooler : what is it ?

A lunch bag cooler is the perfect accessory to transport your food and keep it at the right temperature. Thus, if your meals is hot, the latter, thanks to the bag, lunchbox cooler, to be kept at a temperature and, conversely, for the food cold it will be kept in a cool place.

The lunch bag cooler will be useful in summer as in winter ! In the winter, it will help you keep your food so you can eat it warm if you have no solution near to the warm up, and your salad will remain fresh for an excellent tasting at noon.

A cooler bag is all the more essential for workers who do not have fridge or microwave at their place of work. This allows to be able to lunch a full meal, at your convenience and at a temperature satisfactory.


Choosing the right lunch bag insulated & have an approach green

You are convinced and you are certain that you're going to opt for a lunch bag insulated ? In the first place, our first board, check the performance of the cooler bag before you buy !

As for the design, you will discover that there are many models, of different brands, showing a great aesthetic ! In fact, the cooler bag has revised her wardrobe for offer today templates, more fun, more functional and more refined.

We offer and discover our selection of bags Black Blum lunch box or the Lunch box bpa-free offering accessories and box lunch practice and design !

You will find, for example, on our online shop models Black Blum lunch Box elegant patterns that will protect your food.

In addition, by opting for a lunch bag you engage in an ecological approach, since you are not using more disposable packaging and that all of the models are manufactured with recyclable materials and recycled.