What are the benefits of using a water bottle eco-friendly ?

Hopono, the spea specialist in the online sale concepts of lifestyle and design you présente his offer in flask ecologique. Desalteground, où as you are. All of our modèthe are conçus to hold hot drinks and cold drinks. Decover des to prefeels our wide selection of gourds.

A genuine alternative to the plastic bottle or glass bottle, the water bottle is the perfect object to take everywhere to enjoy a little refreshment at any time of the day. Today, most people use small bottles of plastic, eventually it builds up and which are on the rise, the mass of waste to be recycled. So why not opt for a solution more practical and more respectful of the environment ? Get yourself a water bottle eco-friendly !


Our tips for choosing the right gourd

If for some of you, the gourd is associated with a bad childhood memory with a bag soaking wet because of a water bottle not closed properly. That time is now gone! Nowadays, gourds are much more aesthetic and made with specific materials and are well closed. In Hopono, we offer a wide choice such as, for example, the insulated water bottle stainless. This material has several advantages to its user. Indeed, stainless steel does not alter the smell or taste of drinks, and has no coating which makes an object safe for your health. But this is not all, it also makes your water bottle environmentally friendly and resilient to scratches, washable and very simply.

The choice of a gourd is not something to consider lightly. This small investment will endure in the time. Because of this, your water bottle must be strong and resistant to shocks. Most of all, it should be made of components not dangerous for your health and that of your entourage.


Check out our different gourds :green

  • Insulated water bottle stainless steel by Black & Blum : Ideal for keeping drinks hot, you can also clean it using a dishwasher. With its capacity of 350 ml, you will be able to keep warm your beverages for 8 and up to 24 hours for your drinks fresh.

  • Gourd Water Good Black and Blum : That gourd green is perfect for taking your beverages with you wherever you go. Thanks to its cork stopper, you will not have any impurity in your water. In addition, it has a filter in coal, which enables filtering the chemicals present in the water.

In Hopono, our commitment is to provide you with products that link the pleasant with the useful : the objects that are beautiful in appearance and who, more than any, you will bring real utility in everyday life. Please do not hesitate to consult our online catalogue to discover all our lunchbox that can accompany your gourd.