Barcelona, Spain, the Sun, it is in this idyllic setting that was born a few years ago, the famous brand Woouf. It is not surprising if it is above all the colorful patterns and gays of their products that have made their success, the Sun is never far from that mark.

In 2008, it is in wanting to break with the austerity of the grounds covers, iPad and MacBookPro that the creators of Woouf Pablo Martinez and Alice Penaudhad decided to enter the market. Their motivation was to offer a range of seat covers in colors and patterns and gay and happy, but also make a quality product that will provide effective protection for your devices. Their bet seems today to be successful because their products are proving very successful with both the press and customers. The quality has not been forgotten, because the covers are manufactured in Spain in beautiful materials, and a layer of Neoprene provides for the protection of PCS and Tablets. This is for all of these reasons, we have decided to add this brand to our offer. The quality and selection of their product range as well as the enthusiasm of their young creators we quickly won.

Today Woouf is also available in other products that the covers for iPad and MacBookPro. Kits come complete this range, they are available in 2 formats in the same grounds as the covers, which gives the opportunity to harmonize these colors or, on the contrary, to enjoy the beautiful variety of patterns that make up their collection. In 2017 Woouf has developed in addition to a wonderful range of toiletries and makeup that are the most beautiful effect with the patterns and colours of their products.

The collection Woouf is broken down into 2 major ranges, the range Tropical that also contains motifs that will take you to the Sun. There are famous models Jungle, Pineapple, Palm tree, but also animal motifs with the Toucan, the Parrot, and the Flemish. The second range is Mineral. This is a variation of models on the grounds of marble, white, black and now green, but also the pattern ..... who is coming in 2017. We can't wait to find out what Woouf we will leave soon.

In hopono we are totally won over by this brand. It corresponds perfectly to the image of the products that you want to propose, which combines the quality and proximity in a concern of ethical production.