In search of an efficient portfolio and compact, we selected the door cards, Secrid. It fulfilled all the conditions that you little look of a portfolio. It is compact and lightweight and can contain between 10 and 16 cards.

This portfolio corresponds to our consumption patterns and use of means of payments which are always oriented more towards the bank card.

Since a few years grows the payment without contact, thanks to the RFID technology. This system is advantageous in more than one way and, in particular, because it allows a longer payment quick and easy for the low amount. The shot counter of this progress is that it is quite easily hackable using a simple smartphone. It is this gap that the idea came to the two Dutch designers to create in 2009 the Portfolio Secrid. The objective was to propose a portfolio, a compact in which it was easy to put on and take out the cards and in addition allowed the the protect. Thus was born the case Cardprotector that holds up to 6 cards and get out of a simple gesture of the hand. Its Aluminum structure protects cards reliably against breakage and scratches and prevents the theft of data on the latter. To complete the box and turn it into a real portfolio, it has been integrated in a portfolio in leather. This addition allows you to put 4 cards and tickets, while maintaining a small size.

There are currently in the range Secrid, 4 different models. The Cardprotector, it is the box only, which serves as the card holder, easy to use and not bulky. You can add an elastic band to secure the tickets. The Slimwallet, this is the model with the most compact of the portfolios, it has a capacity of 10 cards (including 6 in the case Cardprotector) and you can put tickets or till receipts. The Miniwallet is the plus version of the Slimwallet, because it is equipped with a pressure button which allows you to close the portfolio and avoids the risk of scattering his notes and ticket. This is the version I recommend for use in a bag or in the pocket of a suit jacket. Finally, there's the Twinwallet, it is a miniwallet with 2 boxes Cardprotector, which has a capacity of 16 cards.

These 4 versions of wallets Secrid are available in different colours and materials. The Portfolios Slimwallet, Miniwallet and Twinwallet are in leather and aluminium. The leather that compose these portfolios is of great quality that ensures a beautiful longevity for its portfolios. The portfolios are designed and manufactured in the netherlands in the workshops of Secrid.

It is a portfolio that I use personally for over 5 years. The leather is well patinated with time giving it a beautiful appearance. The mechanism and the structure of the leather is still in perfect condition allowing me to hopefully be able to use my Slimwallet Secrid for many years to come, at least that I definitely do not want to change the colours. Today I wouldn't come back on a wallet classic. The Secrid is so easy to use and compact that it really is the portfolio perfect.