You know Miffy, this charming little white rabbit. In hopono you can find it in the form of a lamp in 2 sizes. This little rabbit is perfect for lighting the room of small children. Its illumination is sufficient for use as a bedside lamp. The stories that you read to your children would be more beautiful still.

My little girl of 3 years loves his rabbit Miffy, every evening is a ritual and unchangeable, in his room, it over turn on Miffy, and then queue to choose his book and it is a party for a good read in my arms. As soon as the reading is finished I drop the light of the Miffy who can keep an eye on the sweet sleep of my little girl.

I opted for the small model like this you can put it on a piece of furniture, but the large model is really nice for the children. The only problem of the large model is the place...

You still hesitate, come discover it here.