In hopono you will find umbrellas to the Queen of England. Our umbrellas transparent from the official supplier of her Majesty.


For the small history, it is the brand that created the first umbrella transparent. As in England it often rains (ah good!) the Queen moved often with a traditional umbrella with opaque black. The result was that the crowd came to see did not see in the end that the umbrella of the Queen, so beautiful it is this could not be satisfying for the Queen. Fulton had the idea to create an umbrella is transparent so that everyone can see it despite the bad weather. If the original had a simple black border, the following versions are suitable to the outfits of the Queen. She has a beautiful collection of umbrellas that she gets out depending on her outfit. Since this umbrella has been adopted by all the Royal family.

Birdcage Kate et William

The creative English Lulu Guiness and Orla Kiely we worked on birdcages to offer versions with their style inimitable.

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