Black+Blum is a design company that offers products for practices and friendly. I was immediately captivated by their water bottle to filter. I had enough jugs brita and other products of the same kind full of chemicals, hidden in a small box. At Black+Blum this is very simple, it is a charcoal filter. The filter, a stick of charcoal.

The process is simple you put the stick of charcoal in the water bottle, you fill up your water bottle and the filter will act naturally and absorb the bad substances present in the water. The flask is also equipped with an ingenious system that allows you to block the coal and to drink from the bottle without having the baton in the mouth.

Although its origin is not precisely known, it is believed that a type of charcoal, Binchotan (referred to sometimes as a " charcoal white ") was used for the first time 1200 years ago by a monk and a scholar of japanese named Kukai. It was during the Edo period (17th century) that a man called Binchuya Chozaemon was popularized. It is a natural product, the only human intervention is in its way to cook it that will make it "active".

In addition to attracting the wrong substances, the coal will release into the water of the minerals that improve the quality of the latter. The coal can be used for 6 months and then it will be recycled. It can be used to provide nutrients to the plants (it is enough to reduce them to powder). The Binchotan also offers several health benefits. It dissipates the electromagnetic waves that are "dangerous" of computer monitors and generates negative ions. More specifically, the infrared rays continuously emitted by the charcoal reduces the humidity of the air into fine particles that turn naturally with negative ions.

As asset to this small piece of charcoal. You still have doubts about its effectiveness?