1. Fields of application.

    This policy applies to cookies set on the Web site, mobile site, and mobile applications edited by hopono

  2. Why does hopono use cookies?

    hopono uses cookies to provide you with a user experience tailored to your personal preferences and optimal. By using cookies, hopono you don't have to re-enter the same information each time that you visit our website. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of the website, mobile websites and mobile applications. 

  3. What are the types of cookies used on our site?

    • Cookies navigation and technical

    These cookies are deposited on all the websites, mobile websites and mobile applications. They facilitate your navigation between the pages of our sites and applications and are also needed to allow you to take advantage of some features of our sites and/or our services (account creation, identification,...) and automatically expire when you close your browser. If you have chosen to disable these cookies via your Web browser, access to our services could then be altered. We recommend that you leave them active to take full advantage of our services and your navigation on our websites and applications.

    • The cookie of audience measurement and of monitoring of navigation

    This cookie is deposited on all of our websites, mobile websites and mobile applications. It allows to collect anonymous statistics of visits to our sites and applications in order to improve their usability. You can disable it from the section below "How to handle filing and reading cookies?".

    • Targeted advertising cookies

    These cookies are deposited by our advertising agency or by third parties (covered advertising or advertisers), the site of hopono - shop.com. They provide advertisements tailored to your interests. You have the ability to accept or decline these cookies is from the section below "how to handle filing and reading cookies?" for the cookies set by hopono, for the other cookies, by consulting the privacy policies specific to third-party advertising agencies or advertisers. 

    • Cookies button to share on social networks

    These cookies are likely to be deposited on your terminal by social networking sites. They allow the sharing of content from our services.

    We cannot control these cookies, and the data collected by social networks. For more information about these cookies, we invite you to consult the privacy policies specific to each of these social networking sites.

  4. What is the shelf life of cookies?

    The targeted advertising and cookies deposited directly or indirectly by hopono audience measurement have a maximum term of 13 months. Your consent will be requested again at the end of this period by the display of the information banner.

  5. How to manage the introduction and the reading of cookies?

    You have the option to accept or decline these cookies directly from the site below:


    • You can also disable any cookies from your browser or, for targeted advertising cookies placed by third-party sites, directly from the platform Youronlinechoices:


    From your browser:

    1 - under Internet Explorer:

    • Click on tools in the upper part of the window of the browser and select Internet Options.
    • In the options window, click on the Privacy tab.
    • To disable cookies, place the cursor just up to block all cookies.

    For more information:


    2 - in Firefox:

    • Click on tools in the menu of the browser and select Options.
    • Select the Privacy panel.
    • To disable cookies, deselect the checkbox accept cookies from the Site.

    For more information:


    3 - Google Chrome:

    • Click the Chrome menu in the toolbar of the browser.
    • Select the settings option.
    • Click Show advanced settings.
    • In the privacy section, click the site data and content, Cookie Settings button. You then have the option to delete them all, or select them one by one. 

    For more information:


    4 - in Safari:

    • Go to settings > Safari > clear cookies and data.

    For more information:


    5 - in Opera:

    • Go to Preferences > advanced > Cookies

    For more information: